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Executive Director

Claudio Tanca has over 20 years of experience in advocacy, public relations, media relations, and strategic leadership. His career journey has been marked by a commitment to advancing vital causes for mission-driven organizations, mainly in global health, through communication, stakeholder engagement, and advocacy strategies.


In his previous assignment, he led international communications and advocacy campaigns that successfully addressed critical public health issues, demonstrating a capacity to manage multifaceted projects. His responsibilities included training and empowering tobacco control activists and journalists and amplifying knowledge sharing across borders.


Claudio holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service, with a concentration in International Business and Government Relations, from Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh, School of Foreign Service, Washington, DC; a degree in Political Science from LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy; and Certificat d’Études Politiques from Sciences Po, Aix-en-Provence, France. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian and has a solid multicultural background that facilitates effective communication in an international milieu.


Advocacy Manager

Natalie Sheneman is currently pursuing dual Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), with a focus on epidemiology, social entrepreneurship, and global health. As a former co-president of the UIC chapter of Net Impact, an international student organization dedicated to leveraging business for social good, Natalie has demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change through her academic pursuits.


Previously, Natalie held roles at the Institute for Global Health at Northwestern University, where she managed education programs, spearheaded fundraising efforts, and conducted research on global health ethics and educational strategies. Prior to her work at Northwestern, she gained valuable experience at Northwestern Medicine and contributed to the food and agriculture program at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from Carleton College, where she honed her passion for global issues and cultivated a foundation for her future endeavors in public health and business. With her diverse experiences and interdisciplinary education, Natalie is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the field of global health and social entrepreneurship.



María Camila Montúfar Pantoja is a medical doctor and health services management specialist, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Health at the University of Bonn, Germany. With a focus on Global Surgery and Plastic Reconstructive surgery, María Camila’s main interests center around advancing healthcare accessibility and quality on a global scale.


With 6 years of experience in clinical care, health facility management, and research, María Camila has honed her skills in health service delivery, health equity, and social impact. Her expertise has enabled her to spearhead health and social projects benefiting vulnerable populations, showcasing her strong commitment to promoting equity in health and social impact.



Benedetta Dosi is a professional with a passion for global healthcare advocacy and a commitment to social causes. A graduate of the American University of Paris with a degree in International and Comparative Politics, Benedetta brings an understanding of international relations and a perspective on socio-political issues to her work.


At the G4 Alliance, Benedetta serves as an asset, leveraging her expertise in graphic design, social media management, and public relations to drive communication strategies. With an eye for detail and a creative flair, she crafts graphics and content that resonate with diverse audiences across digital platforms.


Dedicated to advancing global healthcare accessibility, Benedetta is committed to the G4 Alliance’s philosophy of transforming global surgery through collaboration. Working to grow, align, and optimize resources for surgical care capacity building, her commitment to social causes fuels her mission to ensure equitable access to life-saving surgical care for all.


With a strategic mindset and a drive for excellence, Benedetta Dosi is committed to policy development and implementation.


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