Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma and Anaesthesia Care

G4 Alliance is a coalition of associations and organizations around the world working to increase awareness, foster political will, shape policy, and mobilize resources to make access to quality, safe, timely, and affordable emergency and essential surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia (SOTA) care a global health priority and a reality for all.


In our pursuit, we actively address healthcare disparities impacting vulnerable populations. By engaging with governmental bodies, NGOs, and communities, we advocate for policies prioritizing equitable healthcare distribution, aiming to eliminate barriers preventing individuals from receiving crucial interventions. Our coalition is a hub for innovation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals. Through training programs and disseminating evidence-based guidelines, we empower practitioners to enhance the quality and efficiency of emergency and essential care, with a long-term vision of strengthening global health infrastructure and resilience.


The Strategic Plan serves as our guiding light, directing our actions and initiatives towards tangible outcomes.

Our Mission

To advocate for the neglected surgical patient.

Our Vision

Universally available, accessible, acceptable and quality emergency and essential surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anaesthesia care.

G4 Alliance Philosophy

Transforming Global Surgery through Collaboration

Build awareness of the need, gap, and capacity for SOTA care, by building a united civil society voice for the global SOTA care agenda...

Support an enabling environment for SOTA care capacity development by leading civil society to analyze, develop, and promote policies with governments and other stakeholders...

Grow, align, and optimize resources from all sources for SOTA care capacity building...

Working Groups

5 Key Framework Elements

Expert Working Groups focusing on 5 Key Framework Elements:

Key Messages
National Goals, Targets & Indicators
International Standards & Guidelines
Data Platform to Capture Operative Cass Data
Data Platform to track Partnerships & Synergies
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