Apr 04 2024

Gnanaraj Jesudian

Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Gnanaraj Jesudian is an Urologist and General Surgeon trained from CMC Vellore with passion for rural surgery. He started the Kukna tribal Development Project in Dangs district (300000 population with no doctors) of Gujarat. He then worked with Emmanuel Hospital Association where he trained doctors and surgeons rural areas performing over 100000 surgical procedures in rural areas empowering more than 74 rural hospitals to start minimally invasive surgeries.
He won innovations awards like [EHA award, Barkar Memorial award (Tropical Doctor), Antia Finseth award (Association of Rural Surgeons of India), DST Lockheed Martin award, Millennium Alliance awards (Government of India), GE Healthcare award, Lancet Surgical Champion award, the GAPIO Lifetime achievement award and WHO compendium of medical devises award.
He has over 400 publications with 700 citations and the Past President of the Association of Rural Surgeons of India, member of board of directors of G 4 Alliance, Secretary of International Federation of Rural Surgeons and Adjunct Professor in Karunya University. He is the Project Lead for India of the NIHR – GHRG project of University of Leeds. He is currently working on devices and techniques like the Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgeries and Laptop Cystoscope, etc., to take modern surgery to the poor and the marginalized in rural and remote areas and training and empowering rural surgeons.


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