Apr 04 2024

Ruben Ayala

Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Ruben Ayala, M.D., MSC, is a public health physician from Panama with more than 30 years of experience in advocacy and humanitarian assistance. During his career with Operation Smile, he has planned, executed, and overseen surgical programs in more than 40 countries.
Dr. Ayala also guided the establishment of Operation Smile foundations in low- and middle-income countries, offering year-round health services to patients and families affected by cleft conditions. Throughout the years, Dr. Ayala has fostered collaboration between governments, nongovernmental organizations, industries, communities, universities, and other members of civil society.
He served as Operation Smile’s Chief Medical Officer, focusing on the evolution of standards of surgical care for patients requiring reconstructive surgery. He joined the official delegation of the government of Vietnam to the World Health Assembly in 2015 and 2017, helping align the country’s support for global surgery and anesthesia.
Dr. Ayala currently serves as Operation Smile’s Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer. He is also board Past-President of the Permanent Council of the G4 Alliance and represents Operation Smile at the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery, the Global Health Council, the Global Health Equity Network of the World Economic Forum, and the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council.


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