Apr 04 2024

Prof. Pankaj G. Jani

Member, Board of Directors

Prof. Pankaj G. Jani M.B.Ch.B., M. Med., FRCPS, (Glasgow), FCS (ECSA), FACS, is a G.I.T. Surgeon/Endoscopist, an Educator, trainer and leader, who has for over 30 years worked in Kenya and the ECSA region increasing the surgical capacity thro education and training.

President, College of Surgeons, East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and board member G4 Alliance (Baltimore Maryland)

Prof. Jani graduated from University of Nairobi, and after his residency was awarded a Commonwealth Medical Fellowship to train in HPB surgery and G.I. Endoscopy at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Prof. Jani’s expertise is in Hepato – Pancreatico – Biliary and Laparoscopy Surgery, and therapeutic G.I. Endoscopy. Has been part of the team instrumental in setting up of Laparoscopic Surgery and G.I. Endoscopy in Kenya.

Prof. Jani has been extensively involved with Surgical Training and Health Systems Strengthening in 20 countries in the East Central and Southern Africa region. Dr. Jani was a founder member, then council member and head of General Surgery examinations, then Chair of the Examinations and Credentials committee for 6 years followed by promotion to the Secretary General, then Vice President and after that, the president of COSECSA.

With the team in COSECSA, there are now 1100 trainees in Surgery, training in 21 countries, with 25 accredited hospitals in Kenya, with the possibility of training more than 64 surgeons per year.

Prof. Jani is actively involved in introducing Laparoscopy Surgery at 14 hospitals and also introducing the Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia No Torniquet method to surgery in Kenya.

Prof. Jani was the co-chair of the task force to increase the number of Medical specialists training in Kenya and also in the task force to formulate the National Surgery Obstetrics Trauma and Anaesthesia plan for Kenya in 2018.


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