May 25 2024

G4 Alliance Welcome its First For-Profit Member – Butterly Network Inc.

G4 Alliance welcomes Butterfly Network Inc. Global Heath Program as First Corporate Member, Expands Reach for Global Surgery Anesthesia Advocacy


Contact: Claudio Tanca – Executive Director

Email: Claudio.tanca[at]theg4alliance.org

G4 Alliance Welcomes Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program as First Corporate Member, Expands Reach for Global Surgery and Anaesthesia Advocacy

Chicago, May 25 – The G4 Alliance, a global coalition advocating for improved access to safe surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anesthesia care, announced today a groundbreaking decision to admit for-profit organizations among its members. The decision, made by the Board of Directors during its meeting on April 18, marks a significant milestone in the organization’s mission to drive transformative change in global health.

Butterfly Network, Inc. (“Butterfly” NYSE: BFLY),  a pioneer in democratizing medical imaging through its innovative handheld, semiconductor chip-powered ultrasound technology and intuitive software, will become the first for-profit member of the G4 Alliance. Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program      furthers the company’s social mission through a unique framework pairing affordable hardware and subsidized software with tailored education and implementation support for global health partners. Acceptance of Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program into the Alliance signifies a collaborative effort between the public, private, and non-profit sectors to address critical gaps in surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care worldwide.

The President of the G4 Alliance Permanent Council, Dr. Bisola Onajin-Obembe, expressed enthusiasm about Butterfly Network’s membership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program as our first for-profit member. Their expertise in medical imaging and commitment to advancing healthcare align perfectly with our vision of ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background or location, has access to quality, safe, timely, and affordable surgical, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care. Together, we will work towards achieving sustainable solutions and advocating for policies prioritizing surgical equity on a global scale.”

Dr. Sachita Shah, Senior Director of Global Health at Butterfly Network, also shared her thoughts on the collaboration, “Joining the G4 Alliance represents a significant step forward in our mission to make healthcare accessible to all. By collaborating with like-minded organizations and leveraging our expertise in cost-effective technological innovations for a global market, we aim to empower healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes in underserved communities worldwide.”

Including corporate members underscores the G4 Alliance’s commitment to fostering diverse partnerships and innovative solutions to address the global surgical care crisis. Through collaborative advocacy, capacity-building initiatives, and strategic alliances, the G4 Alliance and its members, including Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program, are poised to drive meaningful change and create a world where surgical care is universally accessible and equitable, especially for neglected patients in low and middle-income countries.


About the G4 Alliance:

The G4 Alliance is a global coalition of over 70 member organizations that advocate for safe surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anaesthesia care worldwide. Through partnerships, advocacy efforts, and capacity-building initiatives, the G4 Alliance works towards achieving universal access to surgical and anaesthesia care as part of essential health services. See: https://theg4alliance.org/

About Butterfly Network’s Global Health Program:

Butterfly Network is a digital health company with a mission is to democratize medical imaging by making high-quality ultrasound affordable, easy-to-use, globally accessible, and intelligently connected, including for the 4.7 billion people around the world lacking access to ultrasound. To date, the Butterfly Global Health Program has deployed over 4,000 ultrasound devices to 700+ Global Health Partners in austere and low-resource environments. See: https://www.butterflynetwork.com/global-health


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