May 26 2024

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G4 Alliance Honors Dr. Sengua Koipapi and Prof. Hadiza Galadanci for Outstanding Contributions to Global Surgical and Obstetric Care


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G4 Alliance Honors Dr. Sengua Koipapi and Prof. Hadiza Galadanci for Outstanding Contributions to Global Surgical and Obstetric Care

May 26, 2024 – Geneva – Yesterday, the G4 Alliance announced the recipients of the 2024 Grassroots SOTA Care and Organizational Leadership for SOTA Care awards. These prestigious honors, selected through a rigorous process by a panel of experts, recognize individuals and organizations making significant contributions to global surgery, obstetric, trauma and anaesthesia care, embodying the Alliance’s mission to ensure safe, timely, and accessible surgical care for all.

Organizational Leadership for SOTA Care Award: Prof. Hadiza Galadanci, Nigeria

Prof. Hadiza Galadanci, a distinguished Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bayero University Kano and Director of the Africa Center of Excellence for Population Health and Policy, has made groundbreaking advancements in obstetric care. Her innovative research, particularly the E-MOTIVE study, has the potential to save thousands of lives by addressing the leading cause of maternal mortality: severe postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

Through the E-MOTIVE study, Prof. Galadanci’s team has introduced a game-changing, low-cost method to identify dangerously excessive blood loss. This visual gauge drape, a calibrated obstetric drape, enables healthcare providers to detect moderate to severe PPH. By bundling five critical interventions—uterine massage, oxytocic drugs, tranexamic acid, IV fluids, and genital tract examination—into a comprehensive approach, Prof. Galadanci’s team has significantly improved the speed and efficacy of treatment. In a trial published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, these updated guidelines reduced severe bleeding cases by an astounding 60%. This is not just a local success story but a global breakthrough in obstetric care.

“Prof. Galadanci’s work in obstetric care is transforming the landscape of maternal health. Her innovative approach and dedication have led to significant improvements in managing postpartum hemorrhages, saving countless lives,” said Dr. Charity Chenge, G4 Alliance Board

Member and Project Manager for the SOTA Awards.

Prof. Galadanci’s work has been internationally recognized, including her recent inclusion in TIME Magazine’s 100 in Health. Her contributions to obstetric care exemplify the profound impact of innovative research and leadership in improving global health outcomes.

Grassroots SOTA Care Award: Dr. Sengua Koipapi, Tanzania, for his outstanding contributions to neurosurgical care at the grassroots level.

Dr. Sengua Koipapi’s journey from the pastoralist Maasai tribe to becoming a dedicated neurosurgery resident in Tanzania is a testament to the power of perseverance and commitment in healthcare. His personal story, from being the first in his family to complete a university degree and medical school, to his current role as a neurosurgeon in training, is a source of inspiration for all. His passion for his chosen field was ignited by witnessing the critical shortage of specialists and the severe impact of neurotrauma in Tanzania, a story that resonates with the challenges faced by many healthcare professionals in underserved areas.

Dr. Sengua’s (Note to Claudio: This young man’s first name is Sengua, and he also goes by Dr. Sengua, which is the Tanzanian tradition)extensive training has equipped him to provide essential healthcare services to his community in northern Tanzania, one of the most underserved areas in the country, and make a significant impact. Currently advancing his neurosurgical training at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), he plans to return to his community to address the dire need for specialized surgical care. His commitment extends beyond clinical practice; he is a self-taught researcher with a remarkable track record of publications, contributing to advancing surgical knowledge despite the limited research infrastructure in Tanzania. His research publications have been instrumental in improving the understanding and treatment of neurotrauma in Tanzania and beyond.

“Dr. Sengua’s dedication to his community and his pioneering efforts in neurosurgery embody the spirit of the Grassroots SOTA Care Award. His journey is a testament to the impact that passionate healthcare professionals can have on underserved populations,” said Dr. Gail Rousseau, Chairperson of the G4 Alliance.

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